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Ecosystems & Landscapes

Ecosystems and Landscapes

Ecosystems and Landscapes The mosaic of ecosystems we see from a plane is not just a random array. There are patterns to the spatial configurations of ecosystems. Lakes are drained by rivers and bordered by marshes, woodlots are patches embedded in a matrix of agricultural ecosystems, clear cuts are patches …

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The Instrumental Values of Ecosystem

Ecological, Scientific and Educational Values.

Instrumental Values Economic Values If we think of the economic values of ecosystems in terms of goods and services, the material goods provided by ecosystems can generally be accounted for by summing the goods provided by various species such as the lumber from tree species, the food from fish species, …

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A Brief History of Conservation

History of Conservation.

A Brief History of Conservation The roots of conservation are lost in prehistory. No doubt there was a time when human reason, growing ever more sophisticated through the millennia, began to extend the idea of deferred gratification (“Save this fruit to eat tomorrow rather than now”) over much longer periods. …

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